Digital Portrayal of circulatory systems using Blockchain-technology

In the DIBICHAIN research project, we (the partners) aim to use existing blockchain technology (such as Hyperledger Fabric) for supply chain management.
During this project, we will develop are software demonstrator; the “dibichain”, which will take real data from Airbus’s “Bionic Partition” and showcase the following application scenarios:

  • (Back-) Tracing of certain materials, their grafting and processing, starting from the resource extraction until its re-entry into the material cycle
  • Ensuring social and ecological standards in within the complete product cycle
  • Blockchain as the “single source of truth” for integrated LCA (lifecycle assessments), as well as a foundation for Sustainability Driven Design Applications
  • Clear identification and traceability of products in within the complete product life cycle, especially during and after its use phase; as a foundation to implement Business Models for Sustainability (BMS) / Sustainable Product Service Systems (SPSS) (e.g.: virtual products / C2C-Services)

The Partners

iPoint specializes in sustainability and supply chain data

Airbus kindly allowed the team to use one of its products as a use case to feed the Blockchain with data from: the Bionic Partition

CHAINSTEP is a boutique R&D and consulting firm. Our clients ask us to accompany them on their digitalization journey and co-create blockchain based services or products with maximum real world impact. In the last 3 years we have delivered over 15 blockchain projects.

The Project

The DIBICHAIN project aims to save and transmit all data that is accumulated over the lifecycle of a product, including its development, its life phase and its recycling, into a Blockchain With this vision in mind, the project enables greener product development and helps to standardize LCA data which benefits recycling and end-of-life-phases of any new product. Transmitting data via a Blockchain and enabling business logic via smart contracts can open brand new ways towards the development, the usage and the recycling of products.

Current Status

After the project has been through many workshops, focus groups and analysis, it is currently at developing a use case that the DIBICHAIN software solution will then demonstrate. Some highlights:

The Focus Groups

19.02.2002, Hamburg, Zentrum für angewandte Luftforschung
20.02.2020, Berlin, Altran Offices

Recent Publications

The following are publications and research papers written by the consortium during the dibichain research project, ordered chronologically.

1.) Press Release by iPoint (German)

2.) Publication from iPoint in the 2019 UN GLOBAL COMPACT (German)

3.) Choosing a Distributed Ledger Technology: Looking at the Popularity and Activity of Major Players

4.) Blockchain for Supply Chain: From Promise to Practice

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